Thursday, April 1, 2010

Weekend update + funny observation

I just back from Costco and before I forget I must say that I saw a very funny thing there! I wish I had my camera. Actually I did have my camera, but was too embarrassed to whip it out. The woman behind me was purchasing three items: Wine, Sausage and a book, "The belly fat cure." Maybe its just my obsession with weight loss, but this cracked me up! I wanted to tell her, "The way to cure belly fat is to NOT buy three bottles of wine and a Costco sized package of full fat sausage!"

Okay, so now I have some real content. I had an awesome weekend with some of my favorite friends and beautiful wedding, and therefore have some photos to share...

Me and my grandparents. My grandma is not doing so well, so it was great to have a chance to spend time with them.

Getting nails done with all the girls! My manicure & pedicure are still in good shape after five days!

Hanging out at Joe & Renae's...have you ever seen more people in a small living room?

The beautiful bride and me in my new giraffe dress!

Fun weekend! Now I have a couple days off so I am committed to completing a few things: Laundry, house cleaning, knee healing, and finding photos for the front of my albums. Its going to be a blast. :)

(Anne-Marie tells me that I use too many exclamation points, so I am making an effort to using less of them!!!)

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  1. You're right, your giraffe dress doesn't look to animal printy. That pedicure looks relaxing. Never had one of those... maybe I should put it on my bucket list. OR maybe I should put it on my anti-bucket list and be the girl that NEVER had a pedicure in her entire life. LOL ;) Have fun with the chores and good luck with the knee healing!