Friday, April 16, 2010

Picnic! (and a silly discovery)

Hannah and Marcia and I went on a picnic at Magnuson Park. It was a beautiful day, albeit a little hazy. Warm enough not to wear a coat. Love that! We went on a little walk throughout the park and took lots of pictures, of course. It was nice to have Marcia around, since she takes pictures as well as me. Makes me not feel so crazy-paparazzi! Don't we just look strait out of an Anthropologie advertisement? (Just joking...Hannah and Marcia where joking about this today. We aren't stylish enough for Anthro, of course)
After our glorious little picnic I made my way to my FAVORITE store. Trader Joes! I already went shopping this week so I was just going to buy bread from the home meeting. It was nice to not have a shopping list, just peruse the aisles and see what there was to buy. There are always fun new things to see and of course the samples are amazing! They had two different kinds of cheeses today, yum! Anyway, today I used the restroom at TJ's for the first time and I was AMAZED at their AWESOME bathroom!
It was painted as an underwater scene. So of course, I whipped out my camera...
Isn't it awesome? I hope its not gross to take photos in a bathroom. It was a pretty clean bathroom. Anyone else know this was there? Maybe I am the last to know. :)


  1. =(...i want to go on a picnic! Esp in beautiful washington state...

  2. I wish Pullman had a Trader Joe's... or at least Spokane.

  3. I didn't know that was there either, so you're definitely not the last to know :)
    And I really like the 2nd picture w/ the girls in the background! Looks like fun too!

  4. A picnic with a bathroom...Thats my kind of outdoor fun! great photos.

  5. I never knew about the underwater bathroom scene either. And I agree with Renae, I like the second picture of the picnic--who says you guys aren't stylish enough for Anthro?