Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wonderful weekend.

The last two days I have walked three miles each day. I am not in horrible pain!

Every time I go to Green lake I use those pull up bars! I have done several chin ups, and yesterday I even did a regular pull up!

Despite the fact that I worked in the morning, I had a really fun day! Lindsay and I walked together around Green lake, as I have already mentioned. We were joined by cute little Ziggy, her black & white French bulldog. The weather was gorgeous! Actually yesterday was the last day that we will work together on a Saturday, as she is soon to go back to school to be an Endodontist. :)

In the afternoon I was a good girl and did my leg exercises!

Charnelle and Tiffany were in town and we went downtown to Cheesecake factory! It was really fun. We scoured the calorie menu and found yummy salads which weren't so bad on calories. I got a delicious spicy chicken salad that was only 440 and it was HUGE! It was fun to be with the girls.

Matt and I went out later with Phil and Heather, for his birthday. The best part was that Phil had a rented BMW for the day and it was a convertable! First time in a convertable! I have a photo.


  1. the convertible looks cool/fun and its cool that you met up with Tiff and Charnelle for dinner and I'm really glad your knee is doing a little better!!

  2. WOOT WOOT! Hopefully the knee is getting ever better...I think it will heal just fine. Afterall, you have your own personal trainer to make sure that you don't injure it more now that you have already injured it.