Friday, April 2, 2010

Shopping and YoSwirl!

Because this is a less than ideal Friday (due to a knee that I believe will never be the same again) I decided to got shopping with Hannah. Even Matt told me to go buy stuff! So I did. :) I got:

1) New bra from Victoria Secret. On sale and with a $10 gift card.
2) New t-shirt from American Eagle. Accidentally tried on some skinny pants and they looked HORRIBLE! Even with my less fat self, I just can't pull those off.
3) TWO new t-shirts from GAP. With a gift card.
4) Two fragrances and one bubble bath from Bath & body works. We just had to take advantage of the sale, Buy three, get three free. :)
5) YoSwirl! My favorite frozen yogurt that is tart like real yogurt and only 70 calories per half cup. Can't beat that!
6) Subway sandwich for lunch. We split a $5 foot long and kept it pretty low calorie.

Here is Hannah with our yogurts and shopping bags:

Yummy Yogurt! My favorite! Its only about 150 calories for the whole cup! The lady made ours extra big and extra pretty, so of course I took a photo.


  1. I am so sorry about your knee injury. It takes alot of time to heal. sometimes months. Don't give up hope. Yogurt looks yummy! lubm

  2. That yo-swirl stuff is pretty good! I'm glad you guys discovered it! Sounds like you had fun shopping!

  3. Just learn how to swim really is a great workout and after you learn how to do it, quite fun as well....and very relaxing to be under water too...

  4. I love how you justify your purchases with the sales and giftcards by which you got good deals :) You thrifty girl. Sorry your knee's still less than ideal...