Thursday, April 8, 2010

Beautiful day!

As I was going to the gym today I was enthralled by the strange weather. There were dark clouds on the entire horizon with a bright blue sky above. As I left the gym it was raining hard, but in the afternoon it was really pretty! I had to close the blinds at work to keep the bight sunshine out of my eyes. :)

Just thought I would highlight a few happy details.

I did two UNASSISTED chin ups today. At least half my body is working correctly. Very exciting. :)

I took a picture of a pretty flower today:

I had a fun coffee date at Zoka with Hannah. We played that game where you connect dots to make boxes on a napkin. Fun! But Hannah won.

Tomorrow I am going on a bike ride. :)

I had a nice day at work. Of course the bright sunlight streaming in didn't hurt!

My legs feel a little better today. Matt and I have sure been working hard getting them healed!

Matty made me dinner tonight! He made mozzarella stuffed chicken, a vegetable medley (delicious!) and Caesar salad. Thanks Matt!

Since I am injured I have been trying to stay positive!

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  1. LOVE your positive post!!! Those flowers are so lovely. My tulips are up but still not blooming. I cannot wait for spring. Matt's meal looks great! I am hopeful your knee will heal. Couldn't do better than having your own personal trainer...right at home :) LUBM