Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sad day for me

I knew that I had a hurt knee. I knew I was sore. But now I know that I am actually injuring and have to take some time off. This totally breaks my heart because running is what I love most right now. Now I have to be more creative in my exercising to make sure that I get enough cardio without very much running. My goal is to not get all flabby again!

On a brighter was seventy degrees today! Also, P & H came over and Anne-Marie is staying here and we had a very interesting dinner. Matt and I decided to use up what we had in the cupboard, so we ended up having lentils, cous cous pasta, teriyaki meatballs, chicken strips and tomato soup. Very odd! But a fun night! Earlier in the afternoon the girls and I went to Good will and I bought a 69 cent movie, "When Harry met Sally." We all watched it tonight, even Matt, and of course all loved it! Great movie, it has been awhile since I've seen it.

That's all for now. I am back to Spokane this weekend for pedicures on Saturday and wedding on Sunday. I am excited. :)


  1. I hate injuries too...And I love running I totally understand....COMPLETELY

  2. Oh I am so sad for you and your knee. That is so super lame. I guess you are going to get really good at swimming though, eh? I'm excited to see you in Spokane!

  3. Jenn, I've read this and havent commented!!! so sorry. I am so sorry about your knee. It was so good to see you this weekend. When are you coming again???? keep in touch. lubm