Monday, March 15, 2010

Weird Monday

Usually I work in the afternoon to late evening on Mondays. But this week and next week I work the morning shift on both Mondays and Tuesdays! That means I get off work in the early afternoon! I am so excited to have time after work when it isn't dark. Yay!

On a darker note, I have conjunctivitis! Fortunately, its not the bacterial kind which is highly contagious and makes you shoot gunk out of your eyes. But it does make your eyes nice and red, which is just lovely. I also still have a nasty sinus thing. I haven't really been running much, or at all actually. I walked both today and yesterday. Tomorrow I hope to go on my first run since last Wednesday, when I had the world's worst 6 mile run.

Today Matt cleaned the house! I got home and it was nice and clean with EVEN some laundry folded. I am thrilled!
Sorry all this information is mega boring. I realize that if I were to only write exciting things on this blog, then I would most likely NEVER post anything. I do want to post some pages I made of James and Josie since I just saw them last weekend:


  1. Have a great week! It was fun being at your house! ...and scrapbooking with you!

  2. I hope your eye gets better soon!!! Love your scrapbook layouts. Also so neat to have someone surprise you with a clean house. He is definitely a great guy! Hope to see you soon. mom