Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday & Saturday photos

Friday I spent the afternoon in THE SUN! I walked around the lake with Lindsay and then ran around it. I did one mile of it BAREFOOT! That was fun. I tried to do a few pull ups, only managed a partial pull up, but did do a few chin ups. I have to get back in the groove!

I managed to take a photo of myself after changing into my running clothes in the car...
Today (Saturday) Matt and I went on a round trip 35 mile bike ride to Alki Beach. This photo is me in the grass relaxing once we got to Alki. The first 18 miles there was amazing, even though we rode up and down Queen Anne, which was killer. On the way back my knee hurt so bad that I hyperventilated. Then I breathed through my hands (no paper bag available) which helped.


  1. great photos....35 miles with a bad knee on a bike....HMMMMMM lubm