Saturday, May 8, 2010

I love a lazy Saturday

It has been weeks and weeks since I've been home on a Saturday morning and not had to work! I have been doing a lot of traveling.

I LOVE waking up on Saturday to freshly brewed coffee and my dear husband in the living room, already awake for hours. Today I woke up at 7:30 because Leo and Flash were GOING AT IT! Literally there is hair EVERYWHERE! When they fight they tend to pull each other's fur out and it gets everywhere. I think its all in fun...but sometimes I wonder.

Matt is so nice. He is doing laundry at the moment and he just cleaned the kitchen.
I am drinking coffee and eating cereal for breakfast. My favorite Saturday meal!

I scrapbooked a little yesterday and made an HUGE mess on my scrapbook table. I think I got everything out. Today I made one more page, but before I did I took a photo of my mess. I love messy scrapbook table pictures, they are so inspiring!! Whenever I see one I want to go scrapbook!
Matty and I are listening to Fitz in the morning VERY LOUDLY! He also vacuumed so it has been a very loud morning. Perfect for waking me up!

The sun is shining! It is supposed to be seventy degrees today!

We are going to Shelly & Rich's wedding today at 2:00. I need to get off the computer and get ready soon because I am heading to the scrapbook store this morning with Renae, and I want to be all ready beforehand. Our favorite store is closing down up north and so everything is 30% off! And punches are 50% off! Of course I don't need anything, let alone more punches. But it will be fun to shop anyway!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Now, I can't wait to scrapbook! I got so much fun paper!!

  2. Jenn, get me a border punch for my birthday!:)