Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Computer photos by request...

Here is a photo of my husband playing with our new computer for the first time. This is for you Joy! Yes the computer is big, but it doesn't weigh that much. We can easily move it from room to room. But of course that is because we have strong muscles. :) And the operating system is Windows 7.


  1. Is Matt happy to have a new computer? Is it working well? It is the same size as Joy's computer, and she does struggle moving it.:). I am not sure that is all because of the weight of the computer, I think she is glued down.:) Geek and all. I do love all my nerds! LUBM

  2. Cool....I suppose you don't actually have to take your laptop anywhere and if that is the case, it is no problem to have a big one. I personally like my small one because it is so portable I can keep it on my bedside table and and reach out in the morning and then check my email without getting out of bed.

    But good job Jenn! I think it is pretty much the same laptop as mine except better because it is 3 years more advanced and I managed to fry the wireless receiver and the graphics card. But my operating system is better! =D