Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A few complaints...

Today I almost got in a car wreck. A crazy car came out of nowhere (from a parked position) and I had to correct all the way into the oncoming traffic lane to avoid him. Annoying.

It rained today! First time in several days.

My car got towed. This is the worst. You just feel like such a criminal when you pay to get your car back, handing your credit card through the little hole in the bullet proof glass. Then they buzz the door open and you trudge to the very back of the impound lot to get your car. Which of course is parked so close to the next car that you have to climb in through the passenger side door. And all that good service for $270! What a rip off. Well the worst thing is that it is my fault for being an idiot and parking where I wasn't supposed to.

I ate too much today. As much as I tried to eat light I was just STARVING all day. So when I got to Chris & Terry's tonight I just couldn't help stuffing my face with all that taco salad. Yum!

I took my car to Toyota to have the maintenance done, (Yay! More money down the drain!) and so now I get to take the bus tomorrow. Oh joy!

Just thought I should complain a bit for good measure. This blog has been too positive lately, lol. :)

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