Friday, February 19, 2010


I just have to share these photos I took yesterday! My mom and I walked around Greenlake! The day was gorgeous, the weather around 60 degrees with the sun shining BRIGHTLY! I took a few photos at Green lake that shows that Spring is coming soon!


  1. Are there any baby ducks yet? I always liked to see them in the spring... they're so cute :)
    And lovin' those daffodils!

  2. Spring is here in Pullman too! On Valentine's day Josie and I bought roller blades and now we go skating every day! It's a really good work out, and it's easier on the tendons and ligaments to skate instead of running. Also it's more fun.

  3. Jenn and I are so enjoying the beautiful weather here. I walked around the lake. This is a BIG deal as I have become so sedentary. I am planning to walk alot this week in Seattle to begin my spring "work out plan" (HA HA). James that is great about the skates. Does Titus wear skates too??? luabm