Thursday, February 25, 2010

Its almost Friday...

Reasons I am happy today, yet excited for Friday...

1) I Love Thursdays. I have the morning off and get so much laundry, dishes, cleaning, errands. I also have an appointment with my trainer every Thursday morning. My day always starts in an excellent way!
2) I thought today was going to be a "nothing" day. Matt was planning on skiing in the evening and I expected to spend the evening after work ALONE. For my picture of the day I took a picture of my cute socks...that is how routine and boring the day was...
3) But today was not a nothing day! Peter and Hannah came over and cooked me dinner, and then they stayed to watch a Star Trek episode. Hannah made reduced fat Brownies from TJs, which were excellent. I ate 3.5 of them and still am in my range of calories for the day. Awesome!
4) Captain Picard got captured by the Borg. Tonight's episode was excellent and brilliant.
5)Matty came home early from skiing because the snow was less than desirable. So he got to hang out with us tonight!
6) He tells me that I have new muscles in my arms! Yay! (probably because I have been trying SO HARD to do a pull up. I haven't done it yet.)
7) I am getting my bag packed for tomorrow because after work I am running from work, around Greenlake, and up to Lake City Toyota to pick up my car from the shop. That is 10.5 miles and I am so excited! I am ready to RUN RUN RUN!

Star Trek, Brownies, Matty, "new muscles", running, company...What a wonderful way to almost end the week. Ciao!


  1. Keep me updated on your pull-up status! If you ever do a pull-up I will be so proud! I will probably go around telling everyone "My sister can do a pull-up!" lol...

    your day sounds amazing! I love good days like that!

  2. Sorry, I didn't call yesterday... I didn't get up until 5:00p. Quiet a lazy day...

  3. Jenn, you're such a trekkie! I find that hilarious. :P