Friday, February 5, 2010

Running, burning and bleeding

I just got back from a 10 mile run in the Seattle area. I just loved it! Unfortunately I was a bit of an idiot and wore some brand new shoes on the run. I am now bleeding and full of blisters! When I finished my run my garmin told me "Congratulations! You won"...then..."You've finished workout." It made me feel so good. I was still about 1.6 miles away from my house and of course since my feet were hurting so bad I had to just take off my shoes. I then walked all the way home barefoot! Thank goodness for 60 degree days!

I am so happy that I just burned 1000 calories. So now I am eating blueberries with a little half and half and splenda. YUM!!!

Tonight I am headed to G & A's for a home meeting. So I think today will be a pretty complete day. Tomorrow Matt says he has a surprise date for me! How about that! Can't wait!


  1. Great run!!! Poor feet! What's a date? :)! Will watch for your report! Have fun, greet Matt, and those "grand" kitties. lubm

  2. Are your feet any better yet?