Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend madness

It was a really great weekend. My friend Renae was in town and I had a blast seeing her! Hannah and Renae and I went scrapbook shopping together. Hannah might even delve into scrapping just a little; she wants to make a wedding book as a gift. Here are some highlights (or low lights) ...

1) Discovering that U Fitness is closed...Matty is sad. We were trying to work out there as a group and were very disappointed that it has closed its doors. Matty got fit there for the first time! So he is a little sentimental.
2) Scrapbook shopping up on Lynnwood. Renae and I and Hannah spent over an hour there perusing every aisle...I think Hannah might think we are crazy! R & I get a little excited about supplies sometimes, especially PAPER!
3) Matt and I bought an orchid for Annie. It was very cute. He really wanted to buy her a nice flower for her birthday. :)
4) Ate dinner Sat. night at East Lake bar & grill. I ate an awesome crab salad! (and a few french fries, oops!)
5) Valentine's Day on Sunday! Matty bought me a new watch and some See's chocolate truffles. I have already eaten all the chocolates...they were yummy!
6) Valentine dinner with Heather & Phil and Stephanie and their families. It was a lot of fun! I have some photos up on my facebook:


So the weekend is over and I have started my week. I have been pretty bad the last couple of weeks about eating too much. I have been exercising consistently but my calories intake is too high and I think I have gained a few pounds. But yesterday I did great and so far today things are going well. I ran this morning at Green lake with Marcia, and we went 4.8 miles. Tomorrow I attempt 12 miles! I need to get my long run out of the way because my mom is coming to visit tomorrow!

Have a good week! Sorry for the long post!

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  1. You can still run long while I visit. You have a big race coming up! It sounds like you had a good time with R and H. So sorry about Matt's gymn closing. Will see you tomorrow. I could fit my walking shoes or my computer in my luggage. The shoes got packed. I am going to miss my computer.:-( lubm