Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Running: An announcement, update and a thought

Announcement: I just ran 12 miles and I feel great! I am glad I ran in the morning to get it over with because I have the rest of the day to relax!

Update: My shoes are much, MUCH better. They didn't give me blisters today. I guess Matt was right, that you shouldn't break in new shoes on a 10 mile run.

A thought: I noticed this morning that lots of the runners at Green lake, including moms with strollers, all had their make up done nicely and hair clean and neatly pulled back. I thought this was strange and I've never noticed it before. I have never thought about showering BEFORE running and especially not putting make up on. Strange. So is this just me? Am I the odd ball? Is it bad that I generally look like crap when I run? I NEVER have clean hair. I NEVER have make up on, unless its smeared from the day before. Maybe I am just a total loser. Just a thought. Please comment if you have any ideas on the matter. Should you look great when you go out to jog? Or go to the gym? I am perplexed.


  1. honey, don't be perplexed. I am laughing out loud!!!! I think today was a weird day. In Spokane, no one runs after a shower or with make up on...Most are eager to get their daily sweat and then get ready for their day. I suppose if they run after work or in the evening, they may have makeup on. For the sake of their skin maybe they wash it off before they run to let themselves "breath". You do it best.!!!!MOM

  2. I think that is crazy... then you would have to shower or do your make up twice. Good job on your long run!

  3. Serious runners do not take showers/schmink before they run. Rachelica and I respectfully call such runners Nike Shock runners, because they are more concerned with the appearance of looking athletic than actually the reality of being know...just like serious runners don't actually wear nike shocks....

    anyway...props on the 12 miler! I am super impressed!

  4. Congratulations on your 12 mile run. I can say I have never run walked 12 miles, much less run 12 miles, and I'm a runner. I rarely if ever seen women out running looking fresh and dewy! I think I have scared people when I am driving home from a hot, sweaty run and they see me through my car window. You know the red, sweaty (I seem to be fond of that word), face, hair spiked or plastered against my head.
    Its the exercise that counts.
    Way to go!!!!