Sunday, February 5, 2012

Project Life Week 4-5

I finished my Project Life pages yesterday at Ellen's house. I tried to entertain her while she is on "bed rest." Fortunately we have gotten sunlight the last few days so I was able to photograph my pages.
Week four was last week. The first part of the week was pretty routine so I didn't really add any pictures, just one of Leo sleeping on my scrapbook table. This is his new sleeping place, and he loves to knock all my stuff off the table. :) I recorded a few things from work, which is something I rarely do in my Project Life. The "Full" tab is from the nitrous tank.
The second part of the week was a little more "fun" and included walking with Brooke, an delicious Thanksgiving dinner provided by Ellen and Josh, and some valentine making on Saturday.
I used a Smash tablet to record about the "Thanksgiving" dinner. Thanks Ellen!
Week Five was lots of fun and included an extra insert that I got at Staples. Remember my previous post? All those supplies have been put to good use on this week. The photo from Saturday was accidentally not printed at Costco, so I left it out and will add it in a couple weeks when I do a new order.
This week includes photos of children's meeting, new baby room, jewel box cafe, another walk with Brooke, having Pete and Hannah over, and general photos hanging out with Josh and Ellen. It was a full week! I had lots of "stuff" too, which makes me happy.

Here's the back of that insert:

Thanks for looking!


  1. I love how you keep so many tags and paraphernalia. I think project life was desighned for YOU!. I get to see it first hand soon. Lubm

  2. Neat! I love what you're doing with your PL book - it reminds me of my smash book but on steroids :) Love seeing all your pictures!
    - Renae

  3. You do such nice work! They look wonderful :)