Saturday, October 16, 2010

Five obsessions of October...

This is a long time obsession. I love macademia nut luna bars. They go great with black coffee. And if they weren't 190 calories I would eat them all day long.

I have been listening to Pandora non stop. I guess this obsession is a bit of a revisiting of an obsession that I had about a year and a half ago. Thanks Renae for the reminder.

I have had this distress stickles for close to a couple years. Lately I have been using it lots and lots! I've been adding it to edges of photos on my pages for a nice distressed look.

This tiger tail is my friend. I am actively trying to avoid injury this season, and not being very successful! So he helps me massage out all my super sore and tight muscles. (That is not my leg. All these photos are GIS images)
I got this mineral powder last year on my birthday (20% off your birthday month!) and this fall I have been using it like crazy. I go through periods of time when I don't wear much makeup. Usually in the fall I wear more make up because I am increasingly WHITE with the decreasing amount of sunlight. I just love this precious diamond shimmer dust...its just the perfect amount of glitter. (And I do love my glitter!)


  1. I have been without my computer for a few days and it isn't working consistently so have not commented for awhile. I love you list of yearly october highlights below as well as your wonderful weekend with Renae. Your 5 things for this month are cute and predictable as you do have your favorites. Where is the coffee??!! ;) LUBM P.S. I loved Matts comment on your yearly list. See you soon.

  2. I like the monthly obsession thing. Very intersting.

    Mine would be:
    Writing on my mirror
    Trying to keep my desk clean
    Making fruit salads for breakfast (very relaxing. And it is very fun to peel apples and pears)

    Not nearly as interesting

  3. Oh I forgot...
    I currently have a major obsession with LifeHacker. You know the blog site? Some of the most interesting stuff that I have ever read in my life.