Monday, October 25, 2010

Photos from October 18-25

Photos from my week!

Monday 10/18:
I ate cake for lunch! Thank you Kayla for making a yummy cake and decorating it so cute. I do wish I had eaten less though.
Tuesday 10/19:
We walked around Green lake after work...a beautiful night! We love the beautiful trees! They are finally changing colors and I love the red ones best.
Wednesday 10/20:
Matty and I grabbed some coffee at a Green lake coffee shop. Who can't love a yummy latte when its served in a huge red cup?

Thursday 10/21
I took a photo of my perfect pre-run breakfast! Black coffee and waffles with peanut butter. Last season I used to eat toast and PB and now I have upgraded to waffles! I eat this every time I go on a long run. It gives me energy to finish.
Friday 10/22: Bethany's wedding
I took a lot of photos so I just picked one to post up here. Its me dancing with the bride!

Saturday 10/23:
I went shopping with the girls and Renae and I bought new shoes. I've been waiting a long time to buy some Converse shoes. :)

Sunday night 10/24:
Hannah and I rode in the car with Bernie in the back seat!
Monday night (tonight!): I went to a Silent film with Peter. It was a blast! He won the tickets, so we got in for free. We even got VIP lounge tickets so we got to taste all the Trader Joe's goodies. Peter actually won the raffle...6 more tickets to the Paramount!

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  1. What a great week! I love the photo of you and hanna and your little friend. Keep the photos coming! lubm