Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photos from my weekend 8/1-3

Friday night: Home meeting at Chris & Terry's. As it was the first day of October, I got a little carried away taking fall photos. I even tried taking a photo of a spider web...which is very, very hard by the way! Sometime this fall I WILL take a clear spider web photo.

Here are a couple nice ones I got of that night:
The hands are moving fast and blurry, yet I though this was a cute photo of A & A.

Saturday! A very sporty day. I started out my day with a nice nine mile run.

Then Matty & I scored some Sounders tickets from his friend Delaney! It was a really fun time, and they WON!
After the game we headed down to P & H's house to watch the Husky game. All the ladies dressed in purple...
Debbie made some AWESOME cupcakes...Heather decorated the table beautifully...gold and purple of course,,,(and there is even some Cougar cheese on the table!)
The Huskies won the game against USC! It was a blast spending time with these fun people.

On Sunday Matty and decided to finish up the weekend with some yummy Tutta Bella pizza. I have had a thing for pizza lately, I just love it!

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  1. Any day ending with pizza is a great day! Hope to see you this weekend. We won't be in Spokane until Lord's day am. Hope to see you!
    Enjoy your time with Renae...wish her happy day! lubm