Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekend photos 10/8-10

I am totally sweaty from my gym workout and actually am completely this post will be quick! I had a fantastic weekend with my best friend Renae. She celebrated her 25th birthday on Saturday so I drove over to Spokane for the weekend to celebrate with her.

So here we go...
Here is my pretty friend and a yummy apple dumping with vanilla sauce purchased at Greenbluff. It is my fall tradition to eat one of these and Renae got to try it for the first time.
Here Anne-Marie and I are eating raw corn. Yum!
I had to sneak in a photo of Mal sleeping. I just love their comforter pattern as well! I'd like some scrapbook paper that looks like that!
Renae's birthday cake...I brought it from Seattle and it got a little slumped. My friend Kayla made it for me. Red Velvet, Renae's favorite.
Happy Birthday Renae!
After the cake was devoured, Renae, Rachel and I had a little fun with the extra frosting (there was lots!) Rachel decided to make a pink frosting snowman. :)
And one last photo...I took a picture with my SLR while driving! I just couldn't miss the pretty sunset on the way back to Seattle. It was really epic. I just love that Columbia River Gorge.
Signing off and going to get myself a bite to eat!

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