Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Project Life Week 13 and 14 (I think?)

Week 13:
Mercer Island Half marathon
Ultrasound (all normal!)
A pretty regular week, with some intense running on either end!
Race day Sunday, running adventure Saturday

Recorded some random stuff....Starbucks with Audra on Thursday, crazy messy break room at work, a Shimelle sketch that I loved (posted earlier!)
I kept the email sent about our running adventure and attached the map of the Olympic Peninsula on there. (that's what you see on the 8.5x11 insert)

I also placed a photo of a stump with pretty flowers arranged on it. Every time I run or walk or bike around green lake I see this beautiful display that commemorates an enormous tree that had to be cut down for health reasons. I was actually there the day they cut it down...sad day!!!
Week 14:
This week also includes an insert, a 12x6 page protector with three slots for 4x6 photos. On the front I placed some photos and a baby announcement. On the back I put the packaging and the card that I got from GERMANY from JOY!!! It contained chocolate. :)
Beautiful trees!
A little Froyo. :)
Me foam rolling with the cats all around. Whenever we do physical therapy in our living room, the kitties go CRAZY and always want to be all over us. :)

Post card from Joy
View of the city!
A couple of instagram photos!
Last week was a really good week. I could have added even more photos if I had the space! I guess most of them have already been posted to the blog.

I better get going, I am currently marinating chicken that we will be GRILLING tonight when Matty gets home! There is nothing more summery than BBQ! (Even when its raining)

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  1. Love seeing your PL layouts. So glad you are so much better and RUNNING!