Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Healthy Update + Tulip Photos

This blog keeps me accountable to how I am doing with my health!

Running like crazy on the weekends! Last Saturday I ran 17 miles. I just about died, but I did it!
I ran Green lake yesterday (Monday) in 25 minutes! I ran the outside loop, which is 3.1 miles, a 5K exactly. That felt really good.
I keep up with Spin class/weights every Monday night. Mondays I am always super consistant, and I love that.

What I would like to work on:
Running more frequently during the week. Its not enough to just run a long run once a week!
Just like I did on Monday, Id like to run a few more times during the week, just some easy runs and at least one tempo run or some intervals. Need to work on my speed.
I'd like to also practice just running for fun. Not running a particular distance, just getting out of the house and running as far and as fast as I want. Sometimes training for a race really takes the "fun" out of running!
I have a goal to weight train at least 3x per week. So far its been about 2x lately. This week I plan to meet a friend at the gym on Wednesday, hopefully having a work out buddy will help!

This part is still really hard for me. I am great during the week. I eat a healthy breakfast, plan and eat a healthy lunch, and we have been eating at home more during the week. The weekends get difficult! Especially when I run a lot, I tend to eat unhealthy food. Here is an example from the weekend:
I asked for no bacon on the burger and also for coleslaw instead of fries. But the restaurant forgot, so I just ate this all anyway. It was absolutely delicious. :)

I am still plugging along and hoping to improve my diet this week.

Now for a few quick tulip photos from Skagit Valley this weekend! That's why I ate the hamburger, we stopped quickly in the town of La Conner before heading home from the Tulip fields.
Aren't they just fantastically gorgeous? Sorry for so many photos but I just loved so many shots from yesterday. Tulips are amazing. :)


  1. Awesome tulips! Great health update. Great goals and even better, great as is practice! It doesn't take much. You do awesome!

  2. The photos are beautiful. I love the colours of them. Don't sweat about the burger. A little of what u fancy keeps the diet happy lol