Saturday, April 21, 2012

How to run 19 miles:

Answer: Slowly!

I hate that this is the answer, but actually that is how I accomplished this feat. I am sad to say that I actually walked for a bit after mile 14, and again at mile 16.5 when I was faced with a GIANT hill.

Here are some things that got me through the run:

Looking nerdy!

I have always hated those silly water belts, but they actually do come in handy. Today I had to refill mine at Matthew's Beach because I completely ran out.

The pocket also was extremely handy because it held my phone with my "RunKeeper" app on me. I could hear as the lady on my phone yelled out the time, distance and minutes per mile.

I also used some energy gels about half way through the run. I used the shot blocks this time, which are way yummier and more like gummy bears than the gross GU gels that I'm used to.

It also helped that I ate a large bagel with almond butter for breakfast! That never fails me!
I always love to get out my camera and snap a few photos on my runs. Of course I use my cell camera. :) Today I was pretty exhausted, but I managed to take one photo.

This one is taken on the Burke-Gilman trail. Everyone was out today and it was so inspiring to see tons of bikers and runners. Many runners were like me and had their water bottles attached to them...probably marathon training as well. Sometimes that makes the pain a little more manageable.

I ended my run with a yummy Starbucks Frappacino with some protein added. I like to delude myself into thinking that I'm being healthy. :)
All in all, I ran 19 miles. My average pace was 10:04. Before I started walking it was about 9:30, so I'm pretty sure that the hills and walking were what drove the average down significantly. I know at the end when I was actually looking at my phone, I was running between an 8 and 9 minute mile.

So glad this run is over. Its hard to imagine that I have to add SEVEN more miles to make it a marathon. 

I am glad that I am okay with walking a little. I know that I wont WIN the marathon and I may not even make my goal of 4 hrs. That is OKAY with me! I will be glad to just finish!


  1. Great RUN! You will do great with any race. Love your water bottles! Not nerdy but SMART! All my kids are SMArT! :-). Lubm

  2. Nice work Jenn! way to go! Btw, the margarita shot blox are my fav!