Sunday, April 1, 2012

TIme for an Adventure!

Matt and I spent the entire day on Saturday on a running tour of the Olympic Peninsula!

Here is the website link, if interested!

I am pretty sure our day was a little more adventurous than rained the entire day! I am not talking about the typical "dripping from the sky" Seattle rain. It POURED.

I have a few photos I want to share, all taken from my cell phone:

One of our first stops was the beautiful Fort Ludlow, near Port Townsend. We ran about three miles and did a boot camp in the rain. Here we are on the beach overlooking Mount Baker. (Just pretend that you see a pretty mountain in the background.)
It was raining pretty hard the entire time and we got soaked. Our next stop was Crescent Lake and we were welcomed by some falling snow!
We ran about six miles in this area, visiting a waterfall and running on a really near trail that led us up into the hills around Crescent Lake. As we got higher and higher, the snow was sticking more, and pretty soon we were running through a couple inches of snow! We also crossed a bridge that was made from a fallen tree. Pretty cool!
Our last stop was at the beach! Even though the trail was a completely muddy mess, the sun came out and our little hike/run was quite beautiful!

My shoes have seen better days!
The photos aren't great, but we had SO MUCH FUN!

This little Matty-style video made me smile:

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! Rain and all! You have got some lovely running areas over there. So glad! Lubm