Saturday, April 21, 2012

Project Life Weeks 15 & 16

These past few weeks have been pretty awesome, in that the weather is actually starting to improve. We have had two amazing weekends and many opportunities to use our little BBQ.  It seems like Spring is in full swing and there are flowers everywhere. I love it.


These weeks have also been pretty normal.I did ride my bike two times this week and I made a little card to record that. I don't have any photos of me on my bike, but I do have a new Stamp set that came with my SC kit. Love that bike stamp!

 I completely fell in love with instagram and I fear that I am one of those annoying take-photos-of-everything kind of people! I cut up a page protector to add six instagram photos as an insert.

I decorated one of the cards with blue spray mist (Mister Huey) and some chipboard clouds to symbolize the amazing weather.

This week was Tulip Festival, watching Boston Marathon, more BBQ, Paleo muffins, lots of running and lots of dishes.
I still took a lot of instagram photos, but I didn't print them all out. Some of them can just live on my phone.

This half of the week is a lot about running and my new water belt. I also put a picture of the dishes on there because we did so many this week. That's what happens when you cook, I guess. On the top right I placed a photo from last week. We have a friend Donella that always makes delicious bread or cookies or cake, and it tempts me every Friday night. We think she should open a bakery!

I am now super caught up because its still Saturday and both weeks are done. I better not do anything epic tonight because I would have no place to add it to the book! My guess is that I will go to sleep early. :)


  1. Between you and Elise, I might just have to try Project Life next year! Nice work, I alway have fun looking at your pages!