Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Health update #2

I am still going strong with my healthy eating habits and exercising.

Last week, because of the half marathon, I took about three days if a row off from exercising. Now I am back to regular daily work outs. I like to walk on my days off. Walking is an awesome way to get a little fresh air and stretch your legs without much damage to your body.

I pretty much eat the same breakfast every day. I eat Greek yogurt + oatmeal + cinnamon + golden raisins. When we run out of yogurt, I will cook my oatmeal and eat it with a banana.
If I have fresh fruit, I eat that. (I don't have any right now)
I love eating raw oatmeal. Sometimes I feel like it fills me up for 6 hours.

(I may have posted this photo before...its old)

I stopped putting half and half in my coffee. I drink it black now. A couple times last week I made lattes at home with almond milk. I hope to do that more this week.

My lunches and dinners are quite varied. I still and striving to eat more veggies! Last night I made an egg omelet for dinner, and it had a tomato and broccoli inside! I also ate sliced cucumber with my lunch, which was whole wheat flatbread and hummus.

I am still moving forward. Matt says I have lost some weight, and I definitely feel much better. I guess I will just plod along on this journey and see where it takes me! :)


  1. Plodding is so much more effective than dieting! Love your breakfast! Sounds like you are doing great. Today is the first day where it is warm and dry enough for a walk here. Nothing better than fresh air! My door is open, my porch is cleaned off! Have a great week!

  2. Did you get the idea to eat raw oatmeal from me? If so, I feel really special. I have been eating healthy too...I eat an egg, cheese, and ham omelet for breakfast every morning and a small container of yogurt with oatmeal (lots of protein so that I have the energy to stay awake and alert for as long as possible). Then, for lunch I eat in the school cafeteria. I choose something with a lot of protein (like some sort of meat) or a yummy bowl of soup and get some cooked veggies (they usually have mixed veggies, green beans, cauliflour, or cooked carrots available) on the side. And then, for dinner, I always eat a salad. I add some variation of avocado, cucumber, tomato, olives, and sheeps cheese (avocado and olives taste surprisingly good together) and drizzle some olive oil and balsamic vinegar over the top. It is pretty low cal, and I don't need that much food before going to bed anyway. I am also allowed to eat one bar (25g) of dark chocolate a day (which completely takes away my cravings for other sweets). I've lost around 7 pounds!!! And my waistline no longer resembles a small blimp. Life is good.

  3. great job joy! that's awesome that you lost weight! yes i got the raw oatmeal idea from you...i love it! i got the chocolate today. its amazing. i will facebook you today but thought i would add this comment in case you see it. :)