Friday, April 20, 2012

Plans for Week in the Life

For the past two years, I have been following Ali Edward's "Week in the Life" where she documents an entire week with lots of photos and details.

In 2010 I made an 8x10 book with all my photos and words and Matt loved it! I finished the book in the summer of 2011 (finally) and was completely sick of it!

Last year, 2011, I took TONS of photos with my retro camera app on my phone and shared them here on the blog every day. I ended up spending about $50 to have them printed out (4x4 is expensive!) and I still have yet to finish the book. I have everything ready to go in an Iris container and plastic bags labeled by day. Someday I hope to finish that little book, mostly because of the cost of all those photos. Somehow it is just so much fun during the week to take pictures, but really hard to have the inspiration to finish the project.

Next week, Week in the Life 2012 begins! I decided that this year I am just going to add a couple of extra pages to my project life book. I am not sure how many photos I will take, or how many reciepts/memorabilia I will collect, but it doesn't matter. I will just add a few pages within the week for Project Life. Then I wont have a huge scrapbook to make! Matt will be gone most of the week anyway because he is flying to North Carolina. So it wont be much of a regular week.

Next week I will probably be posting every day with photos of the day. It will be a mix of SLR photos (missed those last year!) and Instagram photos.

It is a super cool project and I am excited!

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