Sunday, July 3, 2011

July 3rd

I am thoroughly enjoying my nearly 4th of July! I love this holiday and recently have been reminiscing all the years past. This year has to be one of my favorites, and its not even here yet! Matt and I are in Spokane enjoying the awesome heat of summer. So far I have appreciated...

Eating outside......roasting a marshmallow in the backyard.....mowing Renae's lawn with a reel mower.....walking the downtown river loop with Matt....eating a delicious chocolate ice cream cone.....running 11.5 miles on an amazing trail near the river.....seeing my Aunt & Uncle who live in Europe.....seeing my Grandpa......biking across town to my friend Bethany's house and spending the day with her super fun girls.....eating Joe's fabulous bi bim bob.....getting to see Renae.

The weekend is not over! I am just appreciating some down time right now and LOVING THIS WEEKEND!

Here are a few photos from the past:

I made a collage in 2010. It was a rough weekend and I really needed a little sunshine. Unfortunately in Seattle, nice weather seems to arrive around the 6th of July! So I used my camera to capture random red, white & blue things, which made me happy. Then I made a collage! I hope to make another one this year.
In 2009 Renae, Joe, Matt and I all visited San Juan island on July 3rd and drove Mopeds around the entire island. That was one of the most fun things we have ever done together!
On July 4th, we watched the fireworks at a little park in Eastlake. It was the perfect year!
In 2008 we went camping at Mount Rainier. Unfortunately, that trip was epic in a not very good way! We still reminisce being rained out and leaving a day early. We only saw the mountain for a few minutes! This picture is me and Ellen posing in front of the mountain (which is of course not visible!)

So there you have it! The last four years in pictures, some years better than others. I am so glad I am in 2011 and having a great time.

Happy Birthday America!


  1. So glad we get to see you today! Great collage! I'm glad you had a great 3rd. I want to taste Joes Bo bim stuff. You will have to tell me what it is!!!

  2. Thanks for a trip down memory lane! It was fun having you over even though I had to work and I had fun hanging out w/ you in CDA yesterday!