Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Highlights from my weekend

Here are a few pictures highlighting my fun weekend in Winthrop!

The view from my tent on Saturday morning! Apparently there is a place nearby the campground that you can go on hot air balloon rides. Some day....

We stayed at the Winthrop KOA! We are not normally KOA campers. We usually say we like to rough it. But we signed up for a spot last minute and just wanted to make sure that there would be a space for us. And why rough it when you can set up your tent on a manicured lawn? And when you can buy a towel, hand sanitizer and s'more ingredients at a store on the property? And especially why would you rather rough it when you can have an amazing clean bathroom! Seriously, the bathrooms at this place are nicer than my own.
Here are all of us mountain bikers! I had already changed into normal clothes because my race was finished an hour earlier than these guys. Overall I was pretty happy with my race. I fell a little behind on the downhill section because I am just not quite brave enough to just let loose and bomb down the mountain!
After the race everyone else went home and Matty and I spent a couple of hours in Winthrop. We visited a cute little museum that is just up the hill from the main street. There were lots of log cabins and room after room of antiques. I just love this kind of museum! I had to snap a photo of this old fashioned tooth extractor...

Apparently the dentist in the Methow Valley was a traveling physician that would visit each town in the area for about three weeks at a time. He would do nothing but pull teeth! Makes me cringe!

We made and ate a lot of s'mores! The best kind are made with either dark chocolate or Reese's cups! I always like to heat the graham cracker and chocolate near the fire so that it gets nice and melty. Yum!
One of the best parts of our weekend was waking up Sunday morning and mountain biking for 3 hours before checking out of our campsite. We had a blast! There are so many trails in the Methow Valley. The ride really wore us out!
There are many more photos (of course) but this post is getting long. Its just great to document a few awesome memories!


  1. What a wonderful weekend! So great you "roughed" it in a clean KOA! That hot air baloon is so bright and colorful. I'm glad you are racing with Matt. LUBM

  2. I've never been KOA camping. Sounds kinda fun!