Friday, June 17, 2011

My Thursday in photos

Very fun day today. I always love to have a good time on a week night. All photos taken with my camera phone!

Me at work with a very cute client:

I discovered my new favorite restaurant!

Visited some ducks while waiting for our food. Agua Verde is located right on the ship canal...beautiful location!
Peter and Hannah suggested this fun restaurant. We sat on the porch and enjoyed the cool breeze. I loved the atmosphere and the salsa bar and the six dollar guacamole!
I have a thing with taking food photos. The bright colored dishes made it even more fun.
Here is my cute husband with his freshly cleaned teeth, about to eat some delicious enchiladas.
Other highlights of the day included riding my bike to work (an every day thing now) and indulging in some vanilla ice cream and dark chocolate. This girl had a little too much fun, I am afraid! ;)


  1. A great day!! I am so glad you had a little too much fun! Your phones pictures are wonderful. LUBM

  2. Sounds great! You're pictures are making me hungry. Good for you riding your bike to work everyday!