Wednesday, June 8, 2011

On Running and Cycling

After my great running injury of 2010, I have decided to be WAY more careful and NOT get injured again. I had some IT band strain which was just a minor overuse injury and ended up ruining my legs for several months. After lots of icing and painful therapy (thank you Matt) I was able to run Bloomsday in May 2010 and ultimately get back to my half marathon running self by the Fall.

CURRENTLY...I have a little injury. I have what I believe is a high hamstring strain in the left side, and I have been limping around for the last several days. It actually all started two weeks ago today, when I went on a lazy six mile run. Sometimes I will get random hamstring or knee or shin or foot pain on a particular run, but this time the pain has stuck around! Fortunately I can still cycle without any problem. In fact, my leg has felt better after both of my mountain bike rides in the past couple weeks. I thought that was strange.

I did a glorious ten mile run on Sunday with my is a photo I took of the beach in Lynnwood...
The run was amazing. SUPER hilly and hard, which I like. I haven't been able to walk since, but it was worth it! I want to run this same route again when I am more healthy and less embarrassing. (I had to walk for a bit at mile 9.25)

To sum this all up, I am not running right now. I'm taking a little break. I am doing lots of cycling. The fact that we only have one car now is helping, because I have no choice but to ride my bike to work. I am hoping a week off running will heal my legs and I will be back at it in no time! I have a race coming up in July...I better start training!

So here I am tonight...actually skipping spin class and letting my legs rest. Its mostly just hard to get up when I have a kitty in my lap...
He keeps me super warm and its so cozy having him sleep here as I type away. :)


  1. Awww, thats so nice when kitties sleep on your lap! Hope your leg is feeling better soon!

  2. Hope all is healed! Your kitty is so cute, It feels "warm" to see him cuttle with you!