Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bike race scrapbook page

I have made a couple of scrapbook pages about my bike race in Port Angeles. I know that I don't usually post scrapbook pages on this blog. Most of the people that read this already know me and maybe aren't as crafty and maybe don't want to see lots of crafty stuff.

But guess what? I love to scrapbook and I scrapbook all the time. So maybe there might be a few scrapbook pages here and there on this blog. Ha!

For this page I copied Shimelle's sketch of the week. I RARELY copy sketches, and if I do, its usually from Shimelle because she uses lots of 4x6 photos, as do I. Here is her website...

And the sketch:

Here is my page:
I copied her technique of painting the edges of paper with glimmer mist. I have been using my glimmer mist more often, but it is still a product that I am afraid of. I am so happy to use it in a new way! I made the little specks with my glimmer mist and a paintbrush...loving the way it helps control where the spray goes. Shimelle has a cool video on her blog that shows how to do this.

Thanks for looking! And soon I will have photos of my awesome Bro-in-Law who is currently (at this moment) graduating from college! My awesome Bro-in-Law gave me permission NOT to attend the six hour ceremony and I am ever so grateful for that! ;) But I am still super proud and happy and took some fun photos this morning.


  1. I'm going to have to go check out her site. I need a little inspiration at times. And hey, I think its nice that you have a "well-rounded" blog. A little bit about everything :) Off too clean my desk and do some tonite :)

  2. Please continue to post your scrapbooking! It is better than "just plain photos" ;);)!!! Well maybe not better, but also just as great!