Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week in the Life-Sunday

A Sunday in Seattle:

As an early morning riser, I treated myself to some drip coffee at the Starbucks drive through. (big surprise!)

Woke up around 7am and drove over to Bellevue to run with a friend that is staying in town for the weekend. We ran at a place nearby, Kelsey Creek Farm. There are lots of steep trails and stairs, which was a great work out! I took some pictures at the farm of course!

Loved this pig!The people she was staying with were nice enough to invite me to eat some breakfast! She already had an omelet cooking on the stove. I was happy to eat something full of fresh veggies and of course some yummy grapes on the side:

Coffee at their house so so easy! Just push a button and voila! Fresh coffee!I drove back to Seattle as it started to rain! Big surprise. Matt noticed that I am in the Bellingham Herald today...they quoted me from our interview! He texted his friend at work to get me a copy.

Matty and I went to the meeting. We sang hymns from the hymnal on my phone...the only picture I took. Not really an appropriate place to take photos. :)
Weekly Trader Joe's shopping trip! I was so proud of myself for bringing my own bags today, I almost always forget.

Always love the samples. :) Today they had flatbread and hummus.We snacked on crackers, smoked gouda, and salami. Totally delicious, yet completely fattening!
We had a late lunch with family at Matt's parent's place. I snuck in a quick self timed shot. :) By this seventh day of recording my life, everyone is a little sick of all the photos (especially Matt!) After this one, I got a "No More!"Matt's mom teaches everyone how to make Ethiopian lentils. I got to be the camera girl, so I didn't have to touch any onion or garlic. :)After we got home we did a little relaxing. Matt "dinked" on the computer while lying on the floor. I have no idea how this is comfortable, but he loves it! Meanwhile I made a banner for Peter's homecoming tomorrow! He has been in Germany for a month, so I made him a banner that says Willkommen su Hause. :) We went over to Hannah's place in the evening and I hung the banner on their bed:And that is ALL! Possibly the last photos I will be taking with my retro camera app. So glad this week is over. :) Now I must say I am a little burned out and wondering if any of this photos will ever make it into an album. Maybe blogging is enough. :)

Happy August 1st! Its nice in Seattle. :)


  1. how fun, running trails near the farm! i bet it was peaceful, too. can NEVER get enough of Trader Joe' i wanna go to one near

  2. 1. I recogonize that "mystery breakfast place", I think I've been there :)
    2. Very cool banner, I'm glad Pete's home.
    3. Nice picture of you and Matt
    4. I think you should pick a few favorites and just print those...

  3. Print out a copy of your blog for the week! Put it in page protectors and embellish or not as you please! I did this for a few of my events, and placed them in my project life album! I think it looks great and it documents perfectly your week in your life! Or in my case the events I wanted documented. Try it! Lubm