Thursday, July 21, 2011

All about Matt

This morning Matty and I got in a fight. I know this is shocking to all...Matt and I in a fight? What? How rare is this!

Anyway, we are not fighting anymore.

Matt felt guilty about our fight and bought me a yellow rose and some caramel skinny cow ice cream cones after work tonight!

So I thought I would blog about how awesome he is and how wonderful our morning was. :)

We walked green lake together in the rain! I brought along my camera and had to wear it under my sweatshirt to keep it dry. We stopped by Starbucks on the way, and chatted while drinking coffee. When I am on long runs, I always notice couples walking and drinking coffee, and wish I were them!

We stopped to take pictures. I wanted a picture of Matty with his cute shoes and his grease pen numbers still there from the triathlon...
Here are the two of us together. I am wearing my new Chelanman hat.
Here is an awkward photo of us holding hands. I love how it shows our feet, especially Matt's unique fivefingers. (Okay, not so unique for Seattle)
When I took that last photo, I was going for this:
I took this photo last year in Victoria, and I LOVE it. Ever since I have tried to take hand holding photos (best taken w/ camera around the neck) and been unsuccessful. I keep trying.

This post is going on and on, and I am rambling. The whole point is that I LOVE MATT. The rest is just silly stuff.

Now I'm off to watch Enterprise with Matt. Really, I cannot believe we are watching this!


  1. What cute funny photo's :)... I am so glad you love Matt! The dear things married couples go through! Almost 5 years for you!!! LUBM

  2. cute holding hand picture! I love pics from unusual angles!