Thursday, July 28, 2011

Week in the Life-Thursday

I felt that I got great photos of the morning. The evening....not so much. The sun went down and I ate dinner in a dark restaurant and I lost my light! But still a good day overall!

I took my clock photo that I promised myself I would take:
Oatmeal with almond milk:
As I was writing my Wednesday blog post, my computer crashed! I saw the blue screen of death and what I thought was my hard drive deleting itself right before my eyes. Then magically, 30 seconds later, my computer restarted itself and was totally normal again. Of course I immediately grabbed my external hard drive and backed everything up...something I have been meaning to do for a couple months now. I sure hope this doesn't happen again, but if it does, at least I am completely backed up!
Got a chance to scrapbook...
Did some dishes...
Also some laundry! It was a productive morning. I also vacuumed and scrubbed the rug where kitty puked this morning. :( Poor kitty, he keeps doing that.
I decided to bike to work! It was nearly 70 degrees so still a little cold for biking. I decided to wear a jacket to keep warm.
This is probably my favorite photo of the day! I passed about five of these symbols before I got the guts to stop in the middle of the bike lane to take a photo. Don't worry, I was riding on Green lake way, so very little traffic!
I bought one of these! Yummy. :)
I sat at this bench at Green lake to drink my frappucino. Then I got too cold and moved myself into the sunshine, even though I had to sit on the grass. I love that when I bike I can just stop easily and not have to find parking. So convenient!
So this is when the photos take a turn for the worse! I got home around 7:45 and then Matt and I drove to Magnuson Park to meet some friends. They were there working on a photo shoot for their wedding blog. After they wrapped things up, everyone went out to dinner. Here is Aileen with her husband Ben who wasn't looking at the camera. :)
The girls all drove together up to Edmonds for dinner. The boys went separately (all in different car.) One of the vans had a dead battery so Matty (see below) helped them jump their van with his super-awesome-very-useful jumper cables. He was super cranky and hungry (self-admittedly) but nice enough to help out and still make it to dinner. Thanks Matt!
We all ate at Rory' of my favorite restaurants when I want to be UNhealthy. :) Tonight I had a fajita pita and some french fries.
This next photo is the hot wings. I got them for Matt so that when he got to the restaurant he could eat right away since he was so hungry! They were super yummy. The bright light is the fire that we all sat around. There were seven of us and we sat at a really neat table around a fire.
Overall a fun night! I will stop being sad now about my poor photos.


  1. I love how you are shooting all in black and white, they look really good.

  2. I think your photos tell the story wonderfully! It was dark, a great restaurant, poor light for clear shots. Morning photos perfect. I like the bike trail one as well.

  3. Great variety of photos from everyday! The app you're using looks really fun too. :)

  4. the b&w photos are lovely! great day in pictures :)

  5. Like the bike picture!! That's cool.