Friday, July 29, 2011

Week in the Life-Friday

Finally Friday!

I was a bit of a rush on Friday morning, thanks to my steel cut oats that took twice as long to cook as normal oatmeal. (Time to shop for more oatmeal.)

Took a photo going down the elevator. What I experience every day, may someday be just a memory! Hopefully I wont be living in this Condo forever. :)

I drank coffee at work today. Matty must have been in a rush, because he didn't have time make coffee and leave me some. Luckily we have a coffee maker at work now!
Here is my co-worker, also drinking some coffee. We are a very caffeinated office!
And speaking of coffee, a patient brought me some Starbucks beans today! Yay!
After work I had my appointment with my trainer. I thought today went really well! We talked a lot about diet and she looked at the food log that I keep on my phone. She said my calories have been fine, but I need to eat a little healthier! (I am assuming that the french fries from last night didn't help!)

I asked her to help me take a photo of myself working out. She had a great idea to photograph me doing one of the most ridiculous and hard work outs...pull ups with my feet in weights and doing knee-ups. Hard! And funny looking! Some of the guy trainers may have commented that it looked pretty cool, though. :)

All the photos came out a little blurry...
After my work out I went shopping! This is not a weekly thing, or even monthly! Yesterday I recieved my $50 gap card in the mail (credit card rewards) and this motivated me to shop! Unfortunately I couldn't find a thing at GAP that I liked or that fit. So I ended up just shopping at American Eagle, my favorite store.
I ended up buying some jeans with holes! I guess this 25 year old still thinks she's 16!
After a lovely shopping spree (bought the jeans + two cute shirts) I headed to yoswirl for some slightly tart asian inspired frozen yogurt! I got mine with blueberries and almonds. (Thinking of Jen, my trainer! She would have liked the fruit and protein!)After a successful shopping trip, I didn't leave before getting my ring cleaned! Love it when its clean and sparkly. :)

While I was at the mall, Matt was working hard at Cross fit! He climbed the rope 6 times, dead lifted 240 lbs thirty times, did 90 push ups and 180 double-under jump ropes. I thought that even though I don't have photos of his day, the important stuff should still be documented. Go Matt!

For dinner we headed to Chris & Terry's! Fun backyard BBQ. I took lots of pictures and I will post a few...
Amazing food! Chris is an amazing cook. The Friday night home meetings are where I get my best home cooked meal of the week. I'm not such a great cook myself, I'm afraid.
We finished the evening with some nice singing. This kid is great on the guitar!
We ate some amazing ice cream for dessert and chatted around the island.
Matty and I ate ice cream to carb load for tomorrow. We are driving up to Bellingham for a bike ride. Matt is doing a century and I am doing a 25 mile bike ride (with a mountain bike!)

We are going to bed early. See you tomorrow!


  1. Your race was 25 miles...thats GREAT! Love the photo's Jen took of you at the gymn. Now I know why I will NEVER get a trainer's help! I do my treadmill and weights and LOVE my stretch out. It has been so fun to read about your daily life this week. I am so glad you love and take such great photos! lubm

  2. PS: I think you will grow up soon. Maybe even mend your "NEW" holey pants. A birthday coming up! :)

  3. I miss our old home meeting with Chris & Terry! Cool that your trainer took pictures of you btw.

  4. Hi Jenn. I never even knew scrapbooking could be a career until I saw this article:
    And because you've been blogging about scrapbooking, I'll share it with you. :)