Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Week in the Life-Tuesday

At first, I was worried that it would be hard to take picture on Tuesday! Somehow, Tuesday was much different than Monday and I was able to take lots of shots!

I woke up at 5:00 when Matt needed help finding his keys. I shut the kitties out so they would not whine and wake me up again. I ended up waking around 8:00 (lazy!) and fed the cats then. (They were thrilled to be fed!) I ran out of oatmeal so I ate some 10 grain cereal for breakfast. Awesome and delicious!

My first photo was my kitty Leo. I originally grabbed by phone because both cats were there together, but then Flash escaped!
I took a photo of what I packed for lunch. Usually I pack lots of things to eat throughout the day because I end up being away from home for quite some time. Today I ate it all at once!
I took a photo of the dirty dishes in the sink. Let's be honest here! I left the house without cleaning them.
On my way to work today I listened to my favorite radio station 100.7 the wolf. I got to hear some favorite country songs today: "Honey Bee" by Blake Shelton and "Tomorrow" by Chris Young.
The next few photos are from a run that I took on a break I had at work. I ran 8 miles, which took me down the hill in Wallingford, around Lake union and up the Fremont hill back to work. The stairs are the overpass that goes over Aurora, and the next photo is the view of downtown from the top of the overpass.
Another pretty view on my run! This is part of why I love to run so much. I love to be outside, and I live in a very pretty place!
I had an interesting run. As I ran down East lake, I ran next to a guy that talked to me for awhile and then he gave me his number so we can run again sometime! He was super nice and of course I took his number because LET'S BE REAL! I haven't gotten a number in over five years, me being married and all. Even for platonic/running partner reasons, it was still nice. :) But of of course I will not be calling him.

Here are my running shoes, my favorite barefoot Merrill shoes:
When I got home from work, I got home and discovered that Matt had cleaned the house!
Look! No dishes left in the sink!
I made corn on the cob for dinner, fresh from the farmer's market. Delicious and a perfect summer treat!
Apparently Flash likes corn on the cob too!
The evening was a bit different than usual, in that we pretty much stayed in after work. I had already worked out, and didn't go to the gym. Matt has a hurt elbow and he didn't make it to cross fit. We just had a casual night in! Ate dinner together, even though we ate different things. Matt had steak, I had a chicken sausage and black beans. It was nice to have a relaxing evening that we didn't go anywhere.

Two days down! :)


  1. DO NOT CALL! Scary coming from a mom! Do glad you had a lovely run and what a great way to document your life! Maybe I will try it sometime!

  2. sound like you had a nice run, except the number given ;) loved reading your day.

  3. I love that all of your photos are black & white with that great frame and filter. Very artistic! And it makes every subject look beautiful. My favorite is most definitely the staircase. It just looks like they reach into the heavens!

    Keep up the great work!

  4. You do live in a beautiful place! I like the way the filter makes everything look. Makes me want and little retro B&W camera, maybe Joe still has one...