Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week in the Life-Saturday

Amazing day! Matt and I went to Bellingham for the Tour de Whatcom.

Started before 5 am... (just had to get another clock shot!)
My (first) breakfast! This photo was extremely difficult to take in the moving car. I took about 20 and deleted the rest. I got some drip coffee to go with my oatmeal and added some of the fixings, the nuts and the dried fruit. Left off the sugar, of course.
Here we are in line waiting for registration. Matt's race started at 7:30 because he did the 105 mile ride! My race did not start until 11:30, so I had a lot of time to kill.
The race took place in downtown Fairhaven, which is a little south of Bellingham. The town was so cute! I rode my bike around for awhile and finally found a cute little coffee shop called Tony's where I ate my (second) breakfast! I got there around 8:00 and sat at the bar by the window so I could watch my bike outside. While I sat there I looked at emails and blogs because I had my awesome phone with me!
These little dogs guarded my bike well! (I noticed no one in Bellingham really locks their bikes anyway. Maybe that's because it was 8am and hardly anything was open.)
I went back to the car and did some reading...
After this I headed back up the hill (two blocks) and walked around the town until the cupcake shop opened at 10. I took lots of photos with my SLR, just practicing with shutter speed AND I discovered how to use my self timer. Its about time! After a whole year of owning this camera. Its sad, really.

Here I enjoyed my (third) breakfast! A caramel macciato cupcake!

A couple of detail shots...

Waiting for the race to start. I learned to use my self timer today!The race was amazing! I did not actually get any photos during the race, although I REALLY really wanted to. The competitive side came out and I tried to go as fast as possible and stop as less as possible, so no pics! The scenery was incredible! The fields and water and Mount Baker were all just amazing. I really wanted my real camera...maybe next time! :)

Post race goodies! I actually indulged in several snickerdoodles and didn't eat any of the candy. I also didn't stop and eat at the pit stop! I did use the restroom and take some photos though.
Waiting for Matt to finish! I took a photo of my feet and my cute new jeans and of course my trusty SLR. I have really missed it this week, just with using my phone.
Most of the good photos were taken with the SLR...I will probably post some of them a little later. I am liking just keeping this to black and white phone pictures.

After our race we got some Starbucks drinks with our treat reciepts from this morning! This Week in Life project has made me realize how much I go to Starbucks! Its really rather scary!Matt stopped by at his work to ice his legs and use the laser on his sore muscles. I thought it was a good opportunity to photograph where Matt works. I wasn't allowed in the building. :(
After getting home aroung 6:00 and showering, we met with our friends Josh & Ellen & Hannah. We went out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, Agua Verde. They serve delicious Mexican food and its right on the ship canal. Unfortunately we were told it would be a 1.5 hour wait! We stood in line for chips & drinks and got a chance to eat them at a picnic table by the water. (Our wait ended up only being 40 minutes!)After a delicious dinner (even though we were full!) we decided to go to Dilletante for dessert! I was unable to get many photos because it was dark inside, but I got a few. One is in the bathroom...I loved that enormous mirror!

Such a fun and beautiful day! Typically Saturdays for us are this crazy! This summer we have been so busy. :)


  1. Food and excersize!!! At least Breakfast is the most important meal. Three! :) How long was your race? Matt looked good after 105 miles! I think he will be ready for iron man! GREAT PHOTOS>>>>GREAT DAY! LUBM

  2. I had to laugh when I read your comment about how much you go to Starbucks! Thankfully, the closest Starbucks to me is about fifteen minutes away, in the larger town up the road...which doesn't sound like far, but is just far enough that it discourages me from going "just because." If I didn't have that buffer, there's no telling how often I'd be there. And I don't even drink coffee, I drink the other drinks they have. =)

  3. Great job on your race, thats really cool! ... and that cupcake... well I'm still dreaming.