Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I have five new obsessions...

I guess its time for a little confession time. Sometimes I get "into things" and I become a bit obsessed. These little things are always changing, so I though I would document Five things that I can't get enough of right now.
1. San Pellegrino...but only in the glass bottle. My little sis Joy got me into it when I was in CDA last week. I just love the stuff! It has the perfect amount of bubbles...not too much!
2. Chuck. This is another vice that I picked up from Joy. Thank you sister! Its a really fun show, a little funny and a little cute.
3. Starbucks Ethiopian Coffee! I think its new? I'm not really sure. But lately I have been drinking black coffee and I am really loving this one! I still can't believe I drink coffee black. Somehow I think it increases my coolness though. :)
4. For a week I have been on the South Beach Diet. I am loving it! I did this diet about five years ago and lost ten pounds. It really taught me a lot of principles that I've never forgotten, and now I am back on the bandwagon of doing the diet full blast.
5. And best for new camera! Here is a GIS image of my camera, since all my other photos on here are GIS. And of course I have mentioned the camera on my blog before...maybe I am bragging a little, so I am sorry!

Have a happy Wednesday everyone! Anyone else have "obsessions" that they want to admit?


  1. Your obcessions are great! It is cute that most started here on your visit. I tried that coffee too, and it is good black. Make sure Annie gets to try a cup! It was great to see you. I am so sorry I didn't get a photo of you and your camera. Next time you come, I want to get a shot of you with it. I am as of today updated with my potd album. lubm

  2. ... hmmm. probably my cat. he is still really stinkin' cute, even though he's getting bigger :)

  3. Wow! I didn't know I was that one who got you hooked on San Pellegrino! I feel special now. And Chuck is definitely awesome too!

    My main obsession is probably my computer....but we can hope that I will soon become obsessed with doing something active, because otherwise I will slowly grow roots into my awesome LaZboy!