Friday, August 13, 2010

Matt's birthday

Matty's birthday is this Sunday. We are going out of town tomorrow morning, so we celebrated with his family on Wednesday and with friends on Thursday night. I have some photos from my new camera!!!

Annie made us an excellent dinner on Wednesday and we had some chocolate mousse and strawberry ice cream for dessert. I really loved that little cake and colorful candle.

On Thursday night we met some friends at Tutta Bella for pizza and gelato. The service was poor but the food was excellent! I got a yummy Mediterranean pizza with goat cheese on it...yum!!!
And lastly, here is a photo that I took with my old camera of my NEW CAMERA!!!


  1. that is one nice looking camera. I'm happy you guys had a great celebration :)

  2. happy happy birthday Matt!!! And you got a camera (for his birthday???). I think thats what I will do next April. ;) The camera looks awesome. I am looking forward for your visit. LUBM

  3. How are you liking your new camera? Joe told me about it earlier.