Thursday, August 12, 2010

I got my camera!

I got my camera in the mail yesterday!

I went straight to Annie's house after work to wait for the UPS guy. Fortunately even though Annie was out all day the UPS guy hadn't come yet. He got there around 4:00. I was so happy to see my big box arrive, and I opened it right away!

I had to charge the battery and then I went to boot camp, so it took a little while before I was able to play with the camera. It came in a big box with all sorts of pieces and I put it together myself. (Okay, it was just camera + lense + memory card + battery + strap, and then Matt added the filter when he got there. Not so hard.)

At this point I am a total newbie and I only know how to shoot in Auto mode. Even still, the pictures are so CLEAR. The quality is AMAZING. I am so happy.

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