Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We just got back from amazing Victoria!

We had so much fun. Matty and I went for three nights to Victoria. We went there on our honeymoon and it was fun doing some of the same things again. We tried to take repeat photographs...Matt buying Roger's chocolates, Matt in the coffee shop, Me in front of the blue bridge. It was so much fun. I thought I would post a photo or two before I head off again...this time to my home town of Spokane where we will be for five days!

Us having tea at the Empress:
The awesome latte art at our favorite cafe...isn't this just the coolest?
I tried to take an "artsy" photo of the empress...I have seen tons of people photograph the sun and get these sun spots on purpose. I'm not sure what that's about, but it was fun. :)
I am sure I will have many more photos later. As for now, I need to pack and repack! And do laundry! And cool this house down somehow, as I believe it is in the mid eighties in here.


  1. What fun to have "another" honey moon...esp. with your new camera!!!