Friday, September 3, 2010

From Cannon Beach...

I am so excited to be writing this from an adorable coffee shop in Cannon Beach! Its called Bella has great coffee, atmosphere, and high speed internet!

Our time here on the Coast has been pretty relaxing so far. Yesterday was our anniversary! Instead of dressing up for a fancy dinner we went out to lunch at a little pizza place, one that we went to and loved last year.

We went to Manzanita and took photos and ran in the waves. (Okay the very shallow ones.)

We drove very fast on the 101 with all the windows open and got very messy hair.

Last night we cooked steaks and salad for dinner.

We went on a long walk on the the dark...under the stars.

Matt built a big fire and we warmed our feet by the fire.

We flew a kite together (mostly Matt.)
I laid on the beach and even got a tiny tan on my midsection! Wow!

We drove into Seaside and opened a bank account just so we would have cash for our trip. (This is because we don't have any visa cards...thank you robber.)

Matty bought some $5 flip flops at Rite Aid.

We took a sneak mirror photo in the woman's restroom at the campground. Every year on our anniversary we take a photo in the mirror of us getting ready for our date/dinner. So this year was obviously a little different! But we had to stick to tradition.

I've decided to leave out all the details that happened BEFORE our trip. It was a very stressful week and I almost went a little crazy. But we are moving forward from here! Those days are forgotten.
There should be more photos soon!


  1. Happy Happy anniversary! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I hope to see the picture in the mirror! lubm

  2. Happy Anniversary! Congrats on 4 years!