Friday, September 17, 2010

A long post...

So here is the last couple of weeks...

1) I have started to be a little more responsible when I comes to cooking! In the past couple weeks I have cooked seven times and all have been SIT DOWN meals. Anyone that knows me well also knows that this is MONUMENTAL for me!

I have made: Fajitas (both chicken and steak)
Grilled chicken Caesar salad
Crab stuffed flounder (courtesy of TJ's) + some sort of fancy chopped salad
Steak & grilled peppers (w/ Cayenne pepper which floated all about the house)
So obviously none of these things are amazing but I am still very proud. (Thus the blog bragging.)

2) I am now training for my half marathon coming up in November. I ran twenty miles last week! This week is a little less, although I did run seven miles on Wednesday, which is the longest run since last May.

3) I take tons and tons of pictures. Someone even asked me last weekend if I am a photographer because I always have my camera on me! The truth is I have had a camera with me for the last couple of years but now that I have a DSLR it is a little more obvious! And truth be told, I am not a photographer. Not at all. :(

4) I do have a few photos of my awesome weekend with Joy. My little sister came to visit me! It was a very eventful weekend, full of friends and family and kittens. So here are some photos...

Here is Joy and Rachel on Queen Anne:
This photo encapsulates just about everything that I love about the world...
I like this picture of my cute sister...
I fell in love with Baby Oscar this weekend...
And Hobbs looks pretty calm in this photo, but believe me, he was the life of our party on Saturday night!If you are reading this, I hope you got to the end! I hope to post again appears that I will have a pretty eventful weekend ahead!


  1. Great photos! I want one of you and Joy together if you can get it to me. Did Dayna get kittens and a dog??? It looks like you had a great time! lubm

  2. Cute kitties!! That little one has blue eyes! That's really cool! ....ummm, red mango! And I'm really proud of you for the cooking - that's awesome!

  3. It was super fun to visit you! Thanks for everything. And I know I am totally playing catch up reading your blog, but I am enjoying it. Your life is so interesting and fun.