Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall is here!

I am getting pretty excited about Fall. Monday through Wednesday in Seattle were both beautiful days. They were crisp and clear with lots of sunshine and a little bit of chill. (Today it rained so I am excluding this day from my discussion. )

The leaves are starting to turn colors...just a little, not too much.

In the last two days I have had three lattes, and all of them were delicious!

I have started thinking about putting away my summer clothes and getting out the sweaters.

Tonight after work I went walking with Lindsay, and it got dark SO FAST!

There are gourds and pumpkins for sale at Trader Joe's.

All of these things are reminding me that Fall is officially here! And I love this season...even though it ushers in the cold and nasty weather. I usually don't hate it until January or so and I might as well be positive while I can.

This fall I am excited for:
Watching football with friends
Renae's 25th birthday
Cousin Bethany's wedding
Hopefully the fall retreat
Running the Seattle half marathon
Drinking many, many more lattes.
Taking lots of photos!
Have a wonderful first week of Fall!


  1. I am so sad that I have to miss Thanksgiving with you guys. I am going to make my own Thanksgiving. And this year I am actually going to try and find turkey!

  2. Sorry to hear about Joy's frustration. We will have to take lots of pictures and share them with her! Jenn, I think you like lattes in all seasons?? Maybe they are more iced in summer. The photos of those beverages are awesome. Drink up! LUBM PS Fall is the second most beutiful seasons. Actually, Summer is the only one that isn't Lovely.

  3. Ummm... coffee! I love the early part of fall!