Saturday, October 29, 2011


I wore cute boots...

I walked 2.5 miles because that's how far away my car was parked! (at Green lake...forgot to bring it home last night after picking Matt up at work!) I took beautiful tree photos. TODAY I AM OBSESSED WITH ORANGE LEAVES!

(I carried my latte cup in my camera bag while I took pictures. It fits perfectly!)
All the trees at the park were having a prettiest tree contest and SERIOUSLY...this tree won! I only wish my photography skills were good enough to capture all the colors perfectly.

I ran 9.35 miles.
I was supposed to run 10 miles. I also walked one block during my run. Somehow this lack of carbs isn't really helping me run better or faster! I need to re-think the diet on the days that I do a long run.

I am going through photos from the week and loving the crazy/terrible photos from the Star Trek party last night...
I grocery shopped for lots of healthy food for the week! After today, I will have completed 2 weeks of this new way of eating!

Matt is at a CE class all day long so I am entertaining myself. I hope we get to do something FUN tonight!


  1. Great photos!.cute boots...great tree contest.such awesome colors!

  2. Love your leaf pictures! So pretty! good idea with your camera case too :)