Sunday, October 9, 2011

My favorite things!

Its been awhile since I posted about this! I guess I just have a few things that I have recently loved this fall.

1. Saturday Farmer's Market.

Last weekend Hannah and I walked to the University Farmer's Market. Its about a 40 minute walk from her house and there was a perfect Seattle mist. I bought some yummy fruit, amazing flowers and a delicious scone. Now I can't wait to go back to another Farmer's Market! I only wish it was a little more affordable.

2. Tall Pumpkin Spice Latte with half the syrup.

Not to big...but keep the fat! I can't imagine drinking this yummy fall beverage with the full amount of sugar. It is SO SWEET with the 1.5 pumps of pumpkin Spice.

3. Amy Tangerine Chevron Paper
I love love love this paper! I have used it on 3 pages so far and I still have more left! The only problem is, I love it on both sides!

4. Fred Meyer.

Yes, this is silly. But I love this place! I've been shopping here for more than a month and still my FAVORITE products are always on sale and affordable! They have yogurt, almond milk, bulk foods, lara bars, and TONS more! I totally love this store.

5. Nancy's Honey Yogurt.

This is related to #4...I get 2 of these for $5 at Fred Meyer. Its 170 for one cup and completely delicious! I eat it every morning with raw oatmeal and slivered almonds. This week I am going to work on adding some fruit. (My trainer says eat things with bright colors!)


  1. I love your favorites lists! I'm inspired!

  2. Great list. Love the "order" of the vegs at the market! Fred Meyer is where I grocery shop in Idaho. So glad Matts job is over. You will love seeing him more! You may have to cook more though! ;).

    Love the colorful it says floss..a dental hygienists favorite!