Saturday, October 15, 2011

Being Healthy

Today I had a stunning idea.

Why not combine the things I am good at and the things I am terrible at?
I am great at scrapbooking.
I am terrible at dieting.

I think I will combine the two!

I have already decided that starting on Sunday I am beginning 30 days of the Paleo diet! I think it might be a fun idea to take a picture each day and write a little about my successes (and hopefully not failures) each day and then maybe put it in a little book. The format is yet undecided. (Don't worry, not all mundane details will end up on this blog!)

Today is Negative One Day. (Yesterday was Negative Two)
Matt and I decided to do a "soft start." That's because I am certainly not throwing away delicious foods from my fridge. So I will eat them up now and just not buy anymore!

The Paleo Diet is mostly about eating meat, eggs, vegetables, fruit and nuts. I will try to be as strict as possible for 30 days and after that I am sure I will re-incorporate healthy foods such as greek yogurt, dark chocolate, quinoa and maybe even some black beans and brown rice. I will have to introduce these slowly, of course. The white flower and sugar can stay out forever! (Except for Thanksgiving of course!....see why the 30 days starts now?)

Because I am training for the half marathon I will possibly still allow a sport gel during a long run. I figure that I pretty much burn it off during the run and it can't do too much damage, right?

So wish me luck!

Here's my first pictures:

Day Negative Two: Discovering recipesDay Negative One: Made a delicious breakfast

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  1. Sounds yummy! Never heard of that diet. You would hate germany. It is all about breads. I got so messed up as I don't do well with wheat. It was hard to find much for me to eat! Enjoy those healthy eggs and spinach!