Friday, October 21, 2011

Paleo Days 5-6

(So from now on I will refer to this diet as "Primal Blueprint" because that's really what it is. The Paleo diet is much more strict and doesn't allow any fat. It also is much more strict about dairy. Because I have been eating fatty foods such as butter, avocado and bacon, its really more "Primal Blueprint" style.)

Both Photos from this week feature my favorite pan. This nonstick pan was given to me for my wedding and it almost completely has lost its "nonstick." But I still love it! I use it lots and lots.

Thursday...Day 5
Made another souffle! I didn't burn my hand this time. :)
Friday...Day 6
Made green beans for the home meeting.
I was lucky tonight at the home meeting because there were lots of healthy food options! I ate these green beans, cauliflower, chicken wrapped in bacon and some salad with pears. I ate concord grapes for dinner! (Those were almost too sweet!)

Today was my long run day. I decided that its okay for me to stray a tiny bit when I have to run for over an hour! On my nine mile race I decided to have a little energy favorite, the blackberry one! And then I had a little protein shake afterwards. That's not too terrible right?

But besides this, my diet has really been pretty perfect the last 6 days!

24 more days to go!

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